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2020 Planting Projects

Pohe Island Carpark Planting

Plantpro has completed a range of planting jobs over the last few years, from small private amenity planting, effluent fields, …

Transplanting Palm Trees at Totara Grove

totara grove

Mike and Eva recently moved to the fast-growing suburb of Totara Grove and needed some help moving and transplanting their large collection of beautiful palms and trees to their new property. Jerome and the team were happy to break in our brand new Kubota excavator and move the plants in using the crane truck. Mike and Eva were delighted with the result.

Common Garden Mistakes to Avoid Making


As gardeners, we’ve all goofed up at some point or another. Nobody’s perfect and neither are our gardens. But we can always try to do better next year by avoiding these common garden mistakes.

Myrtle Rust – How To Identify It

Myrtle Rust

Myrtle rust eats away at the leaves, shoot tips and young stems of trees and bush belonging to the myrtle family. This blog shows you how to identify it and where to report sightings.

Weeding out the Pests! How to Make the Most of your Garden


It’s time to take action! Take out the weed control, grab a weedmat and some mulch or a good compost and prepare to get stuck in. Life’s a garden, you gotta dig it.

Landscaping a Steep Section at Beach Road

Beach Road

With some spectacular views, this house has been on the property for over 100 years and sits on a very steep section. The back was completely overgrown with every weed imaginable and there was a large amount of rubbish on the property. Here is how we landscaped this steep section.

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