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Fruitful Landscaping in NZ with Plantpro & Sons

Discover the art of edible landscaping in New Zealand with Plantpro & Sons. Dive into a rich tapestry of design, history, and horticulture as we guide you through integrating fruits and vegetables into your garden. From understanding local plant trends to crafting accessible pathways, learn how our expertise can transform your space into a vibrant, nourishing haven. Join us in cultivating gardens that feed both the body and the soul.

Maximising Small Spaces: Innovative Ideas for Compact Kiwi Gardens

In many New Zealand suburbs, adapting to smaller garden spaces is becoming increasingly common. While urbanisation has its advantages, it …

Top 10 Low Maintenance New Zealand Native Plants for Busy Homeowners

Low Maintenance Native Planting

Discover the timeless beauty and effortless upkeep of New Zealand’s native plants. Dive into a curated guide that not only introduces you to top low-maintenance flora but also offers insights into crafting a garden that echoes the splendor of Aotearoa. Whether you’re a busy homeowner or a botanical enthusiast, uncover the secrets to a garden that thrives with minimal effort yet exudes maximum charm.

Crafting Durable Decks: Why Expertise Matters

expert deck building

Constructing a dream deck is more than just wood and nails; it’s an art informed by expertise and local understanding. Dive into the nuances of deck building in Whangarei, from material choices to regulatory navigation, and discover why partnering with seasoned professionals like Plantpro & Sons is the key to a lasting, beautiful outdoor space.

Landscape Design Process – Plantpro Design

Landscape Design Process - Developed Dsign Stage

Wondering what you can expect from the landscape design process if you employ Plantpro Designs services? Our designers typically work …

Landscape Design Spotlight: Outdoor Living Space

Landscape Design: Outdoor Entertainment area

Come along with Plantpro as we turn a small unusable backyard area into a tranquil extension of the indoor living space.

Nikau Palms: A Comprehensive Guide

nikau palm driveway entrance

Dive into the world of Nikau Palms, New Zealand’s only native palm. From planting and caring to troubleshooting common issues and propagating, this comprehensive guide provides you with all you need to know about nurturing this iconic plant. Let’s help conserve and proliferate this unique symbol of New Zealand’s natural heritage in our gardens and landscapes.

2020 Planting Projects

Pohe Island Carpark Planting

Plantpro has completed a range of planting jobs over the last few years, from small private amenity planting, effluent fields, …

Transplanting Palm Trees at Totara Grove

totara grove

Mike and Eva recently moved to the fast-growing suburb of Totara Grove and needed some help moving and transplanting their large collection of beautiful palms and trees to their new property. Jerome and the team were happy to break in our brand new Kubota excavator and move the plants in using the crane truck. Mike and Eva were delighted with the result.

Common Garden Mistakes to Avoid Making


As gardeners, we’ve all goofed up at some point or another. Nobody’s perfect and neither are our gardens. But we can always try to do better next year by avoiding these common garden mistakes.

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