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Building Decks, Retaining Walls, Climbing Structures, Bridges, Steps & Pergolas

builiding decks pergolas retaining walls whangareiAttention to detail, longevity, user friendly, practicality. These elements are a must, when building something of value and something to add value to your property.

Off the shelf or bespoke, Plantpro & Sons will offer an outstanding result.

It appears there are so many hooks when thinking about building. Like planting, it’s wise to have a working plan, costs estimated, consent if required, or not. You may also consider a formal contract with the builder, and under new protection laws, this has become mandatory for all work valued over $30,000.

Retaining walls are designed for one thing only, but so often you see them leaning forward to greet you. Decks need to be safe, attractive and user friendly.

The materials you select also have a large bearing on the end result. Hardwood decking may cost two times more than pine, but may look better and last five times longer?

Retaining systems rely as much on the strength of the structure, as the ability for that structure to shed any moisture build up behind it. Drainage is the key, it is water that pushes walls over!

We don’t build houses at Plantpro, although we have. We build all the other landscape items that might surround the house.

Want to learn more about Constructing Durable Decks check out our blog.

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.