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Landscaping a Steep Section at Beach Road

100 year old cottage on steep landscaped section

Landscaping a steep section with beautiful views from a century-old cottage

We first visited Emma’s new property on Beach Road facing down Whangarei harbour in August 2017. With some spectacular views, the house has been on the property for over 100 years and sits on a very steep section.

The back of the section was completely overgrown with every weed imaginable and there was a large amount of rubbish on the property. When we first got there was a very steep hillside above the back of the house, with virtually no flat space on the property.

Emma wanted it dealt to one way or another and landscaped. However, she didn’t have any set ideas, so we suggested landscaping some flat spaces in by building retaining walls in a couple of areas.

On the steep upper area of the property, we cut some pathways through, so that we could create access. We then planted heavily with natives, carried up and spread mulch to prevent weeds and retain moisture in the ground. At the time of writing, this is currently being maintained and we expect it should have good cover within eighteen months.

On the lower part, we created a patio paved area and a small putting green with easy access and flat space outside the back of the house.

What was an impossible space, and a real mess before hand, is now an attractive landscaped area with some flat usable spaces!

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