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Landscape Design Spotlight

Ready Turf

Doesn’t everyone love instant gratification? Unfortunately in many aspects of landscaping particularly planting this isnt fesible. We need to plant …

Entrance way upgrade

Landscaping around a home entrance has many functions. It provides access, controls flow of surface water and has a huge …

Outdoor Patio Paving

See how Plantpro & Sons used paving to create a outdoor space optimised for our clients lifestyle, subsequently minimising garden maintenance.

Tropical Backyard Oasis: Plantpro Landscape Design Spotlight

“Tropical Backyard Oasis” when you hear these three words what do you imagine?

Let me paint a picture in your mind:

Landscape Design Process – Plantpro Design

Landscape Design Process - Developed Dsign Stage

Wondering what you can expect from the landscape design process if you employ Plantpro Designs services? Our designers typically work …

Landscape Design Spotlight: Outdoor Living Space

Landscape Design: Outdoor Entertainment area

Come along with Plantpro as we turn a small unusable backyard area into a tranquil extension of the indoor living space.

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.