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Entrance way upgrade

Landscaping around a home entrance has many functions. It provides access, controls flow of surface water and has a huge effect on the visual appeal of a property.
When a space is not functioning effectively it undeniably has a huge impact on how you feel about the area.

At the beginning of this year we were approached by someone asking to upgrade the entraceway into their home.
The existing brick stairs and landing had been laid many years prior. Over time the clay base had moved changing the ground levels causing the bricks and associated drainage to become unaligned.

We visited the client on site to view the existing landscaping and discuss the requirements of the job. Then our landscape designers set to work on creating a solution which simultaneously solved drainage issues, provided smooths steps, level pathways and improved the asthetic appeal of the entrance way.

Working on a sloping section these features are very important in creating a easily asccessible and functional space. Both improving the entrance to the house and also providing clear access to other areas on the property.

Once on site our team began by preping the area, firstly removing all the old uneven bricks. Then creating smooth even surfaces to lay the new pavers down. After removing the old steps which led down to the house our team installed a timber boxing which allowed a precise new concrete foundation to be poured for the curving steps..

Bluestone pavers were selected to create the steps and pathways. Surrounding these white limechip was placed matching the existing path around the edge of the house. The crisp white of the lime chip also provides contrast between the defined pathway and the remainder of the entrance way landing space.

Client Response

I couldn’t be happier with not only the final outcome but the design concept is just so perfect and now ties every thing together.

The lads that did the job couldn’t have been more professional and or considerate and have done a fantastic job – I can’t thank them enough. Thank you so much I will certainly be recommending Plant Pro to everyone that will listen.

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.