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Landscape Design Spotlight: Outdoor Living Space

Plantpro is your one stop shop for landscape design and construction. We are able to assist you from initial consultation and design through to physical construction of your outdoor area.

Our first step is to get to know you and how we are able to help you achieve your goals. Is your project born out of the necessity to solve a problem you face? Are you looking to create something purely for enjoyment and asthetics?

This knowledge allows us to create a design brief which we think will cater to your needs then we use this as parameters for the ideas we present to you.

At the end of the day landscape design is about using our creative and practical expertise to create the ideal outdoor space for your lifestyle.

Our design brief for the following project was to:

“Create an extension of the indoor living space while simultaneously providing a solution to minimize traffic noise from the road above”

Client Consultation

Our landscape designers met with the client onsite to view the area requiring landscaping, discuss the goals of the client and begin putting forward suggestions of how the problem could be solved.

Design Process

Having taken measurements and photos on site our designers then returned to the office where a concept design was created and presented to the client.

In this situation a large timber deck was proposed starting at the edge of the house, expanding out  in order to utilise the uneven, sloped section.  Steps off the edge of the deck allowed the to client to retain easy access to the garden below.

After exploring several options to reduce noise it was decided to construct a full height curved timber wall which would act as a barrier to minimise the noise from the road which traveled down into the space. Furthermore this wall provides privacy to the area turing it into a true outdoor living room.


Once the design had been approved by the clients our team of landscapers got on site to begin construction.

Finished Product

The choice of durable Garapa hardwood to construct the deck also provided a sharp stunning colour to this outdoor space.

With the addition of outdoor furniture you can see how a previously unusable space now provides a private, secluded space to relax in or entertain guests. We know there will be many wonderful moments spent in this beautiful outdoor area.


Client Feedback

“We want to thank Jerome and the team at Plantpro for bringing our vision to reality. They made it easy from start to finish with innovative ideas, design concepts, exceptional communication, and professionalism.  Being by the main road; noise was a big factor for us, they took this into consideration and created an amazing design feature wall to block out the road and the noise. We have recommended them to friends and family who have also had a great experience.”- Shane McNeil

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.