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Outdoor Patio Paving

Earlier this year we met a client who wanted to add a spa pool to their backyard area. They had more than enough outdoor space but did not have an appropriate surface to place it on.
Furthermore their expansive lawn required large levels of upkeep and uneven edges made this maintenance time consuming.

When beginning the design process clients generally present our designers with a problem they need solved. We use our knowledge of products and landscaping processes to provide our clients with options to mitigate these problems.

Paving for Spa pool placement

Firstly we deciced to extend the outdoor patio using concrete pavers. This created a spot for the spa pool to be placed while also providing an extension to the existing outdoor living area.
The main outdoor patio paving was edged with smaller dark Holland pavers as a point of interest and to provide clear definition between the existing concrete terrace and the new paved extension. This is a clearly definied new area, we are not trying to blend it in with the old.

Privacy Screen

Once placement of the spa pool had been confirmed we now had the issue of privacy to deal with. By having the spa pool further away from the house it left it in sight of the surrounding neighbours. A slatted timber screen was constructed on the two outward facing sides of the spa. This allows some light to pass through but provides privacy to the occupants of the spa pool and the paved patio beyond it.

Finishing Details

Firth Black Sands Walkway Pavers were utilised as a mowing strip around the entire lawn matching the Black Sands Holland Pavers used in the patio. This added continuity to the two spaces and helps maintain a tidy lawn edge.  By including a mowing strip in your garden design you are able to get a mower right to the edge without worrying about damaging plants in your garden beds and have a crisp clear edge to all lawn areas.

To finish off the job and provide cohesion to the entire backyard, planting, pebbles and paver stepping stones were added.

The result is a easy to maintain lawn and improved access to the existing raised gardens and a larger outdoor patio living area for our clients to enjoy.






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