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Ready Turf

Doesn’t everyone love instant gratification? Unfortunately in many aspects of landscaping particularly planting this isnt fesible.

We need to plant smaller plants to allow them to grow and mature in their new environment. In larger plants there is a higher risk that they will die from the shock of the move. However one aspect of landscaping where instant gratification is not only a possibility but also relatively afforable is Ready Turf.

Ready Turf allows you to have the asthetics of a beautiful lush green lawn in a couple of days. With precise preparation and care the lawn will establish itself within 4-6 weeks. This is an incresingly popular option used alongside new building development.

Plantpro sources our ready turf from local suppliers. Grown in Waipu by a qualified turf manager Kikuyu ready turf is hardwearing and requires minimal maintenance making it a quick easy soultion for the construction of your lawn.

There are a a variety of ways to finish your ready lawn.

  • We can place it directly up to the edge of your gardens or property boundary.
  • Lining the turf with a timber edging creates a defined end of the lawn and the start of any gardens.
  • Alternatively when we install a concrete or paver mowing strip a similar effect is achieved.

By including a mowing strip with your Ready Turf you increase ease of maintenace for your lawn going forward.

Are you in need a new lawn but aren’t sure if Ready Turf is the right option for you? Here at plantpro we have experience in a variety of methods to establish lawns. From preping and spreading lawn seed by hand for smaller jobs to hydroseeding large areas in need of grass growth we have the knowledge and skills to find the perfect solution for you.

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.