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Tropical Backyard Oasis: Plantpro Landscape Design Spotlight

“Tropical Backyard Oasis” when you hear these three words what do you imagine?

Let me paint a picture in your mind:

“Northland, mid summer, hot dry vegetation lining the road verges on the slow walk back from the beach.
Hose down under the cool outdoor shower – wash off the salt and dust.
Through the gate, step on cool stone and into the cool tropical courtyard.
No hard shapes or angels. Despite the heat, a coolness in the stone. The green textures of the plants and of cool water, in the trickling pond.
Grab a cool glass of something from the BBQ bar and settle down on a bench under the shade of the Silk Tree.
This is an oasis, not seen from a distance but hiding in a private courtyard.”

Our landscape designers have the task of taking your dreams and bringing them to life. They create a map for our landscapers to follow in order to construct the perfect outdoor space for you.

Predominatly our landscaping involves planting New Zealand native plants however every now and then we have the opportunity to create something truly unique and magical.
In this case the opportunity to create a tropical backyard oasis. Hidden away from street view, providing a tranquil private space for the homeowner to enjoy.

Landscape Design Process - Developed Dsign Stage

Locally sourced paradise stone lines the pathways through this tropical backyard oasis. A series of carefully planned lighting features allow easy access and use of the space night and day. While the gentle trickle of a water feature creates a calming ambience.
The installation of a fast growing statement tree, such as a silk tree means the client will have shade and privacy much quicker than had a young sapling been planted.



Plant Pro’s team was simply outstanding, handling everything from design to post-build garden care with remarkable skill and friendliness. They transformed my backyard into an incredible hidden sanctuary, beautifully illuminated at night, featuring a stunning paved stone courtyard, lush foliage, and a soothing stone and pebble water feature. Their work is truly exceptional! – Nicki Mulcare

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.