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Landscape Design

Landscape design for a steep coastal section in Mangawhai, near Whangarei

Landscaping a coastal garden on a hillside in Mangawhai

Having a design plan to landscape a garden or outdoor space is as much a requirement as planning the house itself. Your landscape plan should detail levels, location, orientation, materials, plants and trees. Perhaps, if required, a specification for implementation- plant names and spacing are critical.

From the plan, material costs can be worked out, labour estimated and construction started.

Initial design means any required or desired changes throughout the build can still be styled to suit the overall concept.

Good design will create a cohesive and importantly, appropriate, finished result.

Plantpro & Sons offer landscape and garden design. Costs can vary. Design work is charged on an hourly basis and is often discounted if we are engaged to complete the build. A concept plan may cost a few hundred dollars. A more detailed plan incorporating all of the above mentioned elements may cost a thousand or more.

What level of plan you require is dependent on your ability to imagine planned outcomes. You may need lots of detail and in commercial jobs this is the norm. For a private landscape pictures, images may be enough, but it pays to have a reasonably detailed plan as it will help with costing and budgeting.

The designer may use a CAD system or draw free hand. The key to success is whether they get the message across effectively, and you the customer, can understand and imagine the outcome.

It is often wise to go through the plan, “on the ground”, with a can of dazzle and a tape measure.

Another important way of getting ideas across is for the client to cut out images from magazines, of the style of landscape or garden they like. There are thousands of on line sites dedicated to gardens and landscaping.

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.