Paving and concrete

concrete paving whangareiCombinations of concrete, paving, gravels, timber and stone all add vibrancy to an otherwise practical structure.

Do you want a path or drive, patio or helipad? We provide hard surfacing using pavers, geocel, grass pavers, ready mixed concrete, gravel or slabs. All materials require exacting preparation to achieve a long term high quality result.

In plain English, that means a good base. The clay soils predominant in Northland, means we have very mobile sub-soil, requiring extra depths of foundation preparation for our roads, paving and building.

A concrete slab, 100mm thick, has enough integral strength to support domestic traffic as a drive or carpark. Adding reinforcing steel to the concrete won’t stop cracking but will hold it together when it does crack. If a bigger load is to be catered for, then the strength and thickness of the slab will increase.

Paving is more flexible, requiring more foundation preparation. For domestic situations, this may mean a foundation depth of 100mm compacted gravel. For larger loads this will obviously increase.  The same applies to sealing and hotmix surfaces. Both require a sound base to support long term integrity.

There are lots of ways to pave the outside hard surfaces around your home. One job we completed recently was a patio, built with Macrocapa sleeper edging with the surface areas finished with compacted cement reinforce clay. The screeded, compacted surface was power float finished and left to cure. Although this wasn’t as durable as concrete, it was far cheaper, softer to live with and the clients understood its limitations. They recognised the clay surfaces would last perhaps as long as the untreated Macrocapa edging.

Another project used grass pavers set in a 2m x 2m concrete beam grid, as a drive. This allowed the drive to absorb the rain water, rather than shed it all to waste. The green grass softened the appearance of an otherwise completely utilitarian structure.

We offer a diverse service and specialise in design, hard and soft landscape construction.